AnalySwift’s SwiftComp Micromechanics featured on Innovation Intelligence Blog (Altair)

analyswifed_featuredAnalySwift’s SwiftComp Micromechanics was recently featured on Altair’s Innovations Intelligence in a guest post on cloud-based simulation platforms.  For the full post, please visit Altair’s Innovation Intelligence site.  Altair customers can launch SwiftComp Micromechanics as part of the Altair Partner Alliance (APA), while non-Altair customers can evaluate the software, as well as others from AnalySwift, on Purdue University’s newly launched cdmHUB website after joining the HUB.  SwiftComp Micromechanics (also called VAMUCH) is a truly general-purpose, multiscale, constitutive modeling software that enables engineers to efficiently yet accurately model composite materials and structures. SwiftComp offers the versatility of the finite element method, accuracy of detailed finite element analysis, and the efficiency of analytical micromechanics approaches. As part of the APA, SwiftComp interfaces within the HyperWorks® framework, enabling users to visualize their results in HyperMesh® and HyperView®.

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