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Tutorial videos for SwiftComp, VABS, and their related interfaces (GUIs) have been created by the Multiscale Structural Mechanics group at Purdue University and posted on the Multiscale Structural Mechanics YouTube Channel. Please subscribe for future video releases. For additional support and information, please visit our discussion groups, FAQ, and documentation page.

Gmsh4SC (Gmsh for SwiftComp Standalone GUI)

Gmsh4SC (Gmsh for SwiftComp) is a standalone GUI for SwiftComp, which can be used with either the cloud or desktop version of SwiftComp.

SwiftComp tutorial 1: Analysis of a Composite Laminated Beam Video

SwiftComp Tutorial 2: Analysis of a Composite Box Beam

Gmsh4SC (Gmsh for SwiftComp) Import function

Gmsh4SC (Gmsh for SwiftComp) Tool Tutorial- cdmHUB Micromechanics Simulation Challenge (Level 1 Problem)

SwiftComp Gmsh GUI Tutorial - Thermal Residual Stresses

SwiftComp Demo Video Tutorial


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