AnalySwift Featured in Composite Consortium IACMI’s Member Spotlight

AnalySwift is featured in this month’s member spotlight published by the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI).  IACMI is a partnership of industry, universities, and national universities, as well as federal, state, and local governments that are working together to benefit the nation’s energy and economic security.  AnalySwift was an early member of IACMI, joining to help the initiative benefit from its innovative composite simulation programs, SwiftComp and VABS.  The software tools enable the accuracy of detailed 3D finite element analysis (FEA) at the efficiency of simple engineering models, shaving orders of magnitude in computing time.

AnalySwift’s latest tool, SwiftComp, is based on a revolutionary new theory developed by Prof. Wenbin Yu at Purdue University called Mechanics of Structure Genome (MSG). The associated code, SwiftComp, is a general-purpose multiscale modeling code that allows an unprecedented combination of speed and accuracy for composite simulation. Besides being an efficient, yet accurate, micromechanics code, the unique capability of SwiftComp is to obtain structural properties directly in terms of microstructures. SwiftComp can deal with all types of composite structures (laminates, textiles, sandwich structures, etc.) while computing both 3D properties and structural properties.  Due to the novel underlying MSG theory, SwiftComp improves accuracy and versatility by dispensing with many of the assumptions employed in other approaches.

For the full member spotlight, please click here.

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