Article with Overview of ANSYS-SwiftComp GUI: An ANSYS Plugin for Multiscale Modeling of Composites (by Banghua Zhao)

Banghua Zhao, Graduate Teaching Assistant at Purdue University, recently authored an article describing the ANSYS-SwiftComp graphical user interface (GUI), an open-source 3rd party software for interfacing the popular ANSYS software with SwiftComp.  The ANSYS-SwiftComp GUI was developed by a research group at Purdue University and is available on Purdue’s Composite Design & Manufacturing Hub (cdmHUB), where users may create a free log-in to access the software.  The full article is available here, and video tutorials are available on the Multiscale Structural Mechanics YouTube channel.

Based on the recently developed theory of Mechanics of Structure Genome and the concept of Structure Genome, the SwiftComp software provides an efficient and accurate approach for modeling composite materials and structures. It can be used either independently as a tool for virtual testing of composites or as a plugin to power conventional FEA codes with efficient high-fidelity multiscale modeling for composites. SwiftComp enables engineers to model composites as an effective homogeneous continuum, capturing details as needed and affordable. To facilitate the use of SwiftComp for ANSYS users, a simple graphic user interface (GUI) based on ANSYS Mechanical APDL platform called ANSYS-SwiftComp GUI is developed.

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