Introducing the MultiScale Structural Mechanics YouTube Channel, Composites Simulation Tutorials

AnalySwift is pleased to introduce a new third party resource dedicated to the advancement of predictive modeling for composites and other advanced structures and materials. Managed by Dr. Wenbin Yu, Multiscale Structural Mechanics is a new YouTube channel promoting the idea that engineers will be able to design, manufacture, and certify advanced structures and materials by analysis. The channel features third party tutorials for the SwiftComp and VABS composite modeling programs, as well as related interfaces and examples. Dr. Wenbin Yu is the director of the Composite Virtual Factory HUB (cvfHUB) and associate director of the Composites Design & Manufacturing Hub (cdmHUB) at Purdue University, where he also serves as an associate professor. Dr. Yu is also CTO of AnalySwift. The mission of the Multiscale Structural Mechanics Group is to advance predictive modeling for advanced structures and materials and to train engineers with engineering analysis fundamentals. The group welcomes discussions related to mathematical modeling and computer simulation of materials and structures, particularly composites. Those interested in subscribing or viewing the tutorials and example videos may do so on the Multiscale Structural Mechanics Channel on YouTube.

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