Research Group at Purdue Integrates SwiftComp with TexGen Software to Improve Modeling of Textile Composites

A research group at Purdue University has recently integrated the powerful SwiftComp composite modeling software with TexGen.  This allows users to take advantage of the geometry creating capability of TexGen for textile composites and the convenient, efficient, and accurate modeling of textile composites using SwiftComp. The interface tool, called TexGen4SC (TexGen for SwiftComp) is available on Purdue University’s Composite Design & Manufacturing Hub (cdmHUB).

According to the researchers, TexGen is a geometric textile modeling software package which can be used to create the geometry and mesh for textile composites. It is an open source code licensed under the General Public License developed at the University of Nottingham. More details can be found at the TexGen website. The software here is modified so that it can call SwiftComp to compute the effective properties. Taking advantage of the versatile model generation capability by texgen and constitutive modeling by SwiftComp, TexGen4SC provides a fast and easy way to compute properties of textile composites.

Available from AnalySwift, SwiftComp is a commercial general-purpose multiscale modeling code that enables users to model composites as quickly and easily as metals, without losing accuracy. It can be used either independently as a tool for virtual testing of composites or as a plugin to power conventional FEA codes with high-fidelity multiscale modeling for composites. SwiftComp provides unified modeling for 1D (beams), 2D (plates/shells), and 3D structures. It saves orders of magnitude in computing time and resources with accuracy comparable to first principle 3D FEA, while enabling engineers to tackle complex problems impossible with other tools. SwiftComp quickly calculates all the effective properties for all composites. SwiftComp can compute the best structural properties for use in structural analysis. It can also predict accurate local stresses and strains in the microstructure.  SwiftComp is also available for evaluation on cdmHUB.

Interested users can view a video introduction online to get a quick start through the TexGen4SC Tutorial Video Series.

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