FEM News Interview with AnalySwift President & CEO Allan Wood Regarding Composite Simulation Tools SwiftComp and VABS

FEM News, a portal for engineers with technical information in the field of finite element calculations, recently interviewed AnalySwift President & CEO Allan Wood regarding the SwiftComp and VABS tools.  SwiftComp and VABS are engineering software programs for the efficient, high-fidelity modeling of composite structures and materials.

SwiftComp provides efficient, accurate modeling of composite materials and structures. It can be used independently for virtual testing or as a plug-in to power FEA with high-fidelity composites modeling.  SwiftComp enables multiscale, multiphysics modeling of composite 3D structures, plates, shells, and beams.

The VABS program is a multiphysics modeling tool for complex composite blades and other slender structures. It reduces analysis time from hours to seconds while achieving the accuracy of detailed 3D FEA.

For the full interview, please visit FEM News or http://www.femnews.pl/en/2016/07/18/interview-with-allan-wood-president-ceo-of-analyswift/.

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