PostGEBT Software for Modeling Composite Beams Available for Download on AnalySwift Website

02_Member_1_Mode_3_DispAnalySwift announced today that the PostGEBT software is now available for free download on the AnalySwift website.

PostGEBT is a post-processing code which can effectively visualize mass data generated by GEBT, which is a powerful beam solver to calculate the 1D quantities, including displacements and rotations, force and moment resultants, and linear and angular momenta.

PostGEBT is distributed and developed by Dr. Qi Wang of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and it is available for download from the AnalySwift website. The source code is available for both PostGEBT and GEBT so users can run the source code on any machine.

PostGEBT and GEBT are companion codes of VABS, a general-purpose cross-sectional analysis tool, to enable efficient yet high-fidelity analysis of slender structures, whether they are made of composites or not. VABS is a mature software technology used in highly rigorous modeling of helicopter rotor blades, wind turbines blades, and propellers made from composites.

The full press release is available here or at Utah State University Commercial Enterprises.

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