AnalySwift Announces Newest Version of First Truly General-Purpose Micromechanics Program for Composites and Other Heterogeneous Materials

AnalySwift is pleased to announce the release of SwiftComp Micromechanics 3.0 available for direct download.  This is the latest version of SwiftComp Micromechanics, also known as VAMUCH, the first truly general-purpose micromechanics tool.  A versatile micromechanics tool, SwiftComp is capable of saving users orders of magnitude in engineering time for heterogeneous structures and materials, particularly composites. The main features of the SwiftComp Micromechanics 3.0 is the program’s multiphysics capability. SwiftComp can be used to homogenize heterogeneous materials that have coupled or uncoupled responses to mechanical field, electric field, magnetic field, and thermal field. It not only predicts elastic, conductive, dielectric, magnetic, and diffusive properties of heterogeneous materials, but also coupled properties such as coefficients of thermal expansion, pyroelectric, pyromagnetic, piezoeletric, piezomagnetic, and/or eletromagnetic properties, as well as the local fields corresponding to these multiphysical responses.  According to Dr. Wenbin Yu, CTO of AnalySwift, “SwiftComp calculates effective properties and local fields directly with the same accuracy as the fluctuating functions. No postprocessing calculations are needed for SwiftComp, which are indispensable for FEA-based approaches but introduce more approximations, such as averaging stress or strain fields.” Dr. Yu continues, “An interface between SwiftComp and ANSYS is also available for taking advantage of the powerful preprocessing and postprocessing capability of ANSYS.” Click here for full press release.  Click here to go to download page for SwiftComp Micromechanics 3.0.

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