AnalySwift’s Release of VABS 3.6 Reduces Realistic Composite Blade Modeling to Seconds

AnalySwift is pleased to announce the release of VABS 3.6.  This is the latest version of VABS, the tool of choice for efficient and accurate modeling of composite slender structures such as wind turbine blades, helicopter rotor blades, high aspect ratio wings, composite bridges, and other slender structural components.  The main feature of the VABS 3.6 is the improved method of optimizing the finite element mesh.  Compared to the previous version, VABS 3.6 is several times faster for large problems, and the slower I/O (Input/Output) performance reported by some users was corrected.  Furthermore, VABS 3.6 can handle much larger models, which cannot be analyzed by previous versions. According to Dr. Wenbin Yu, CTO of AnalySwift, “For a realistic blade meshed with 200,000 degrees of freedom (DOFs), using a typical laptop, VABS 3.6 takes less than 20 seconds for constitutive modeling (Timoshenko model), while VABS 3.5 takes about 4 minutes for constitutive modeling. Of course, if one uses DLLs (Dynamic Link Libraries), it will be even faster as a significant portion of time for large problems is spend by I/O with hard drives.”  Click here for full press release.

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